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Thanksgiving Collection

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  1. Thanksgiving Dessert Cups
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  2. Charcuterie Pumpkin
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  3. Mini Pumpkin Board
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  • Fig + Brie's service was friendly and I can tell the board was made with love! My boyfriend called to place the order and he picked up that same day. He said everyone was so friendly and the order was ready for him when he arrived at the store. Not only did my Valentines day board look ADORABLE, it tasted so great. I am eager to try more varieties! I am going to get another for Mothers Day for sure. They sell wine pairings too which is convenient. Overall I would recommend!!!

    Savannah Wells

  • Their charcuterie boards are amazing! I ordered three, on three separate holidays, and they were a hit at each party! I loved them and and all the delicious food. I especially like all the small details they put into each board. I highly recommend ordering some!

    Mildred Altamira

  • By far the best charcuterie in town! They have so many different board options, and even personal boxes when you just need some yummy cheese for yourself. Plus their shop is a cute place to hang out!

    Sandanee Walraven

  • Love, love, love this place! Their presentation is awesome! Everything is delicious! I get so many compliments at my gatherings for the Fig + Brie boards. The Mother’s Day meat,cheese & fruit bouquet was a big hit! No party of mine will be complete with out them. 😋😍

    Claudia Bowman

  • got the Chuco platter and a smaller style platter as a gift by a coworker. Let me tell you, it is outstanding. The platter has a lot of verity and well portioned. The food is fresh and great tasting. Even though it was a gift I will most definitely will be buying from them especially for family gatherings

    Richard Beagle

  • My wife has bought a few items from here and they are just outstanding!

    Aaron L.

  • Fantastic // got this wonderful cheese and fruit tray for father day. Awesome fresh and delicious tray. Not to mention the wine. Greatly glad there is a place in el paso Highly recomend. DELICIOUS. LOVE IT AND IS IN PASO. GREATTTT

    Carlos Simpson

  • Charcuteried for 100 people. They did a great job. Guests ate EVERYTHING.

    Daniel Meneses

  • I needed a last minute gift for a retirement luncheon. The only available times were after the event. I reached out with my concerns and they were very accommodating. Superb customer service!

    Elaine Fernandez

  • Delicious!

    Maiko Martinez

  • Awesome presentation and great service!!

    Anne Hale